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Do you have questions on the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services "On-Premise-Use Fuel Oil Storage Tanks & the Safe tank Program" or "Self Inspection Checklist for Basement and Backyard Above ground Home Heating Oil Tanks"
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Are you considering an Energy-Efficient fuel or oil burning system?

You can calculate the
"Annual Estimated Savings for Every $100 of Fuel Costs by Increasing Your Heating Equipment Efficiency"
view this U.S. Department of Energy Chart at

According to this U.S. Department of Energy website article -


Although older furnace and boiler systems had efficiencies in the range of 56% to 70%, modern conventional heating systems can achieve efficiencies as high as 98.5%, converting nearly all the fuel to useful heat for your home. Energy efficiency upgrades and a new high-efficiency heating system can often cut your fuel bills and your furnace's pollution output in half. Upgrading your furnace or boiler from 56% to 90% efficiency in an average cold-climate house will save 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year if you heat with gas, or 2.5 tons if you heat with oil."
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